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Factory sales office Legal seat and Administrative
Via Pergola, 58
25080 Moniga del Garda (Brescia)
Tel. ++39 0365 502073 r.a.
Fax. ++39 0365 502672

Since more then thirty years our Company has continuously renewed its production processes and improved its technology allowing large resources for research and development reaching the position of historical leader in the field.

Our production, using only electrolytic phosphorus deoxidized copper billets, avoids any scraps and includes extrusion and cold drawing under continous control control of the process in order to guarantee the quality in all phase.

Tubes can be supplied in coil or in straight length in any temper as per demand.
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CR S.r.l Industria Tubi di Rame Capillari ed Industriali is a company specialized in the production of:

  • copper tube
  • copper capillary tube
  • special shape copper tube

to be used in various fileds: refrigeretion, air  conditioning, heating as well as in all industrial  production of high quality demand. 

The production covers the intire range from  the finest capillary tubes to the largest diameter  tubes including any intermediate gauge in order  to satisfy any request both of design and  specification. 

S.r.l Industria Tubi di Rame Capillari ed Industriali, due to its flexible structure and staff does expedite any order,  large or small:
no order is too large or too small for us. 

Our technical staff, always co-operating with the customers, is available to study new products, to match
special tolerances and temper or to define quality control plans in  accordance with the customer needs.